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The idea of having my own space - a carefully considered collection of candles, cushions + quirky unique, locally sourced gifts - is something I have thought about doing for 12 years! My journey has finally brought me to this point, it's time.

Driven by colour + scent + gorgeous things that make me smile, this APOTHECARY OF JOY was born. Unique items sourced mostly from small businesses + fabulous local creatives. Number 10 Clarence Cushions handmade by me, Lara, in Sussex. With only one of each design made, you know you are buying something unique.
Designed to stand out, not to blend in!

AND THE NAME? It's an address very close to my heart.

Looking after our world

I have tried hard to do the right thing when it comes to packaging! Sustainably sourced + ethically made. Using recyclable products + from small family run businesses where possible.

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